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Frosty The Snowman Was A Kidnapping Thief From Queens

Seasons greetings, sheep! Yea, I’m accusing Frosty of several crimes this evening. I won’t stand for his bullshit anymore. With December knocking on our front door as loud as it possibly can, we’re regressing into children. Watching cartoons, eating cookies ’til we puke, crying because we won’t get everything we want this year. On the […]

The UK Culture Secretary Wants Netflix To Lie And Say That ‘The Crown’ Is Fictional

HEY CHARLES! Yea, I’m talkin’ to you buddy. Let me make something clear to you. It doesn’t matter who you are – the future King of Enlgand included – Karma will always come back to you. One way or another, you WILL get yours. Have you paid the price for relentlessly cheating on your wife […]

The Weeknd Got Snubbed By The Grammy Awards And He Is Not Taking Their Shit

Damn. We’ve all been pissed that our guy Abel got snubbed by the Grammy’s this year, and everyone has thought its suspicious as fuck. He’s come out with NONSTOP BANGERS since 2015. What the fuck is going on? It seems like there’s some shit going on behind the scenes…and I am all here for him […]

Catch Up On Last Week’s #TheBachelorette and #CuttingStems Before TONIGHT!

YES! It is Bachelorette Tuesday, YET AGAIN! And buckle up, because I’m hearing the finale won’t be until the week of CHRISTMAS, so let’s start sitting tight. Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette was…mostly uneventful. Ashley I and Jared, the semi-newly married couple, took the men to “school” and tested them on their smarts. It […]

Machine Gun Kelly Is Making A Musical With Lil Huddy And Sydney Sweeney Called “Downfalls High”

You heard me right. Machine Gun Kelly dropped this 16 second teaser on his IG Sunday night: At first glance, it looks like a music video? But after some googling, I’ve come to find out it’s a musical adaptation of his new-ish Tickets To My Downfall album. MGK collaborated with Mod Sun, and directed this […]

“Scotty Doesn’t Know” Is Now Confirmed, The Best Fake Song Of All Time

Trending in the United States today, a fake song about a guy who doesn’t know his girlfriend is cheating on him. We all remember it from the critically acclaimed comedy, Eurotrip: If you don’t know this song you’re a moron. Can you live without seeing the movie? Certainly. The movie was “fine.” It wasn’t like, […]

Santa Claus Continues To Be A Narcissist And Refuses To Help Parents During Christmas Time

You asked for a war on Christmas? You got it. Dr Fauci has deemed Santa Claus “immune to COVID-19.” Oh, really? We’re supposed to believe you? This man passes from house to house all over the world and eats every single cookie that all of the snotty kids rubbed their boogers all over before setting […]