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Robert Downey Jr Continues To Be One Of The Coolest Guys Ever

Last week all of the new David Letterman interviews were released on Netflix, and while Kim Kardashian, Dave Chappelle and Lizzo probably got the most press, Robert Downey Jr’s interview was equally spectacular. He talks about his father being a filmmaker, growing up in Hollywood, and gets pretty real about his battle with addiction. This […]

Who Forgot To Switch From The Bagel Bites Account When Tweeting About Ariana Grande’s New Album?

Some serious depth from the Bagel Bites account here. A delicious snack, made worse only by the fact every single Bagel Bite is roughly 4,000 degrees when removed from the toaster oven, but all along…that wasn’t heat. It wasn’t the scalding cheese or the oil popping pepperoni pieces. It was raw, unfiltered passion. It was […]

Lil Huddy And Noah Beck Have Officially Become Known As “The D’Amelio Sisters’ Boyfriends” – I Have A Warning For Them

Isn’t THIS a sight to behold! Two wiggle dicking Tiktok boys that date the most powerful pair of siblings on the app are now getting the “Mr Britney Spears” treatment. I’m of course talking about Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, who are dating Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and Noah Beck respectively. Their ages range between 16-19, […]

Ocean Spray Shares Have Nearly Doubled In The Past Month Because Of TikTok

It’s been a few weeks since our guy @420Doggface208 went viral on TikTok for skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice while listening to Fleetwood Mac. We all watch when viral trends happen; nobody understands what EXACTLY gives something the kind of star power it needs to end up as huge as this video, but […]

Kappa Delta Sorority Tweeted Congrats to Sister Amy Coney Barrett, Then Apologized And Deleted It

This little diddy popped across my desk this morning – what do you know! Amy Coney Barrett and I are sorority sisters. Yes, I am a member of the Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority. She didn’t go to my school, but I know we definitely got hazed the same way because of generations […]

Miley Cyrus Impersonator Speaks At A Trump Gay Pride…Party? Event?

AHA! From the shadows, TIFFANY TRUMP!!!! Tiffany Trump’s perpetual vibe is “drunk, older Miley Cyrus.” Someone said that on Twitter, and I agree. No, the real reason we’re here is not for politics, not for popstars – but for Tiffany Trump, the lost soul. An alien who was meant to be born somewhere between the […]

Matthew McConaughey’s Dad Died While Having Sex With His Mom- Let’s All Have Sex Today

Gooooooood Morning! Did you wake up feeling tired, groggy and a little down on life today? Did you roll over and look at your significant other and think “ugh, you’re still here”? Snap out of it. Life is short. If Matthew McConaughey’s dad can set one goal in life, to die while having sex with […]