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This Just In: Psalm West Is The Smartest, Most Business Savvy 14-day Old In Existence

Just when you thought you were on your high horse because your new baby started picking up its own cheerios at 4 months? 8 months? a very advanced age, the newest Kardashian-West baby Psalm West is here to let you know that your baby is actually dumb. Kimmy K woke up this morning to her […]

Everyone’s Favorite 2001 Computer Game “The Sims” Has Come Out With A New Occupation Option: Freelancer

The Sims has come out with an update today, which first surprised me because I didn’t realize “The Sims” was still a computer game. The last I heard of it was when I was screaming at my mom that I needed both the “House Party” AND “Hot Date” expansion packs, so I could use cheat […]

To My Surprise, I’m Not The Only One Who Wants Cersei To Murder Everyone On #GameOfThrones Tonight

Big time Cersei stan checkin in here with some Game of Thrones thoughts. I don’t know NEARLY enough about the fine details of the show to have any real input on it whatsoever, even after rewatching the entire series along with the rest of the world. And yet, here we are. All I know is […]

I Really Didn’t Want To Be This Person But I Can No Longer Deny That I Am Living With A Very Passive Aggressive Ghost

What’s up, you guys. Serious business here on a Wednesday morning while I’m trying to upload a new episode of Whine With Kelly ft Amanda and Arielle from Not Skinny But Not Fat. It’ll be up later today… if the ghost in my apartment allows it to finally download to my Google Drive. (**edit, it […]

Only Four More Hours And Then We Are Free #TheBachelor

Tonight is the beginning of the two-day, four hour finale of #TheBachelor with everyone’s favorite virgin, Colton. Bachelor Nation, we wish you the grace and strength of @chrisbharrison tonight. #TheBachelorFinale — The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) March 11, 2019 I’ll tell you what. I’m sick….as FUCK…of the Bachelor. “Kelly you literally say this every single season […]

Can We Talk About Smells For A Few Minutes So I Can Get It Out Of My System?

As usual, I inserted myself into a twitter conversation today that started off discussing the fact that there is only one Blockbuster left in the world. Tragic, sad, will miss Blockbuster but I love Netflix so whatever. RIP. Maybe a weird observation but every Blockbuster always smelled the same. Almost like a library but plastic […]

Daniel Radcliffe Is Obsessed With #TheBachelor And Thinks You’re A Punk Ass Bitch If You Aren’t

Daniel Radcliffe loves @BachelorABC?!?#TheBachelor#BachelorNation — Good Morning America (@GMA) February 1, 2019   First things first. Why am I reading this a full 24 hours after the fact, for the first time? Why didn’t anyone send this to me? I know I’ve gotten really bad at responding to texts but not even a TWEET? […]