The UK Culture Secretary Wants Netflix To Lie And Say That ‘The Crown’ Is Fictional

HEY CHARLES! Yea, I’m talkin’ to you buddy. Let me make something clear to you. It doesn’t matter who you are – the future King of Enlgand included – Karma will always come back to you. One way or another, you WILL get yours. Have you paid the price for relentlessly cheating on your wife after using her as a prop to appease your parents’ wishes? Probably. Princess Diana’s story is soaked with tragedy, and of course Charles deserved a break.

But in the end, Charles has ended up with home-wrecker and adulterer Camilla Parker-Bowles. That crusty old harlequin is FINALLY living large in Buckingham Palace after decades of slowly chipping away at the throne. Re2pect to her for her persistence, but she still a hoe. Charles on the other hand? Did you think you were just going to forget everything that happened?? Forgive, sure. We forgive you and Camilla for acting like morons and assholes, we also feel bad that you couldn’t have just been together in the first place. But do we forget how you treated Diana like trash? How rude your family was to her at first? You only started to like her once you realized the public was obsessed with her.

So no, Charles, we’re not going to pretend that in the new season of The Crown, where you and Camilla are portrayed like assholes (because you were assholes) is fake. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, truth in every jest, yadda yadda all those sayings. You aren’t fooling us.

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