Machine Gun Kelly Is Making A Musical With Lil Huddy And Sydney Sweeney Called “Downfalls High”

You heard me right. Machine Gun Kelly dropped this 16 second teaser on his IG Sunday night:

At first glance, it looks like a music video? But after some googling, I’ve come to find out it’s a musical adaptation of his new-ish Tickets To My Downfall album. MGK collaborated with Mod Sun, and directed this musical in 4 days. It’ll be out in January 2021.

A few important things to note here. 1, I love this idea AND MGK, but I think we all need to remember that Beyonce did it first with Lemonade 2. Who’s idea was it to cast CHASE HUDSON AND SYDNEY SWEENEY? Because they deserve a fucking RAISE.

SYDNEY SWEENEY? Known as the hot ass bitch from Euphoria, photoshoots with Halsey, and creepy thrillers about playing the piano??

And Chase Hudson, AKA Lil Huddy, TikTok star and Boyfriend to Charli D’Amelio – one of the most “punk/goth” looking guys out there right now??

Looks like a MOODY DREAM!!! I’m hugely into this. Chase Hudson has to be laughing his ass off right now at all the Hype/Sway dorks who ever made fun of his clothes. Oh, you don’t think nail polish is cool? GUESS YOU CANT BE IN THIS MUSICAL DIRECTED BY A FAMOUS ARTIST PLAYING THE LOVE INTEREST OF ONE OF THE HOTTEST GIRLS ON THE PLANET, THEN.

Speaking of nail polish, I have a confession. I saw this photo of Chase on 11/1/2020, after Halloween, and thought to myself – is that a pentagram painted on his nail?

I realized it wasn’t, wondered what it was…but eventually kept moving. HOW FOOLISH DO I FEEL NOW???

Smfh. My stalking skills are lacking. I could’ve broken this news 3 weeks ago.

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