Catch Up On Last Week’s #TheBachelorette and #CuttingStems Before TONIGHT!

YES! It is Bachelorette Tuesday, YET AGAIN! And buckle up, because I’m hearing the finale won’t be until the week of CHRISTMAS, so let’s start sitting tight.

Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette was…mostly uneventful. Ashley I and Jared, the semi-newly married couple, took the men to “school” and tested them on their smarts. It was a very embarrassing display for all parties involved, and the end result was Ed holding/taking care of a fake baby, which would continue for the rest of the episode and infuriating everyone (the audience included.)

Then, Chasen called Tayshia the WORST NAME OF ALL TIME : Smokeshow

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EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, had a huge problem with this. It’s degrading! It’s rude to women! It’s juvenile! It’s OFFENSIVE!! (lmao no its not)

Clearly, the show has gotten a little slow because they now need to take time to build these relationships. Tayshia obviously hasn’t had the opportunity to know these guys before now, but I hope she starts trimming the fat bc this is taking entirely too long.

She did get rid of two of the guys who came in during the “second round of men,” Montel and Peter. She also got rid of straight jacket guy, Jay. Peace and blessings to all of them. 3 in one night is good progress, but we need Tayshia to get a little more cutthroat. She’s over here still caring about these men’s feelings when she needs to start thinking about HERSELFFFFFF. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU TAYSHIA NEVER FORGET THAT!!!

The worst, most embarrassing part of the entire night was the Wrestling Date. It was supposed to be Ed vs Chasen, trying to squash their Smokwshow beef from earlier. Ed backed out at the last second because he’s a pussy, so Tayshia had Noah step in. Before he did, Tayshia shaved off his mustache. She went on to oil up all of them men with a paintbrush, and Chasen took home the victory to prove that he was A MANLY MAN WHO DONT NEED NO WOMAN. I’m just thankful Yosef wasn’t here to see such a disgustingly sexual and inappropriate event unfold.

All in all, we need to pick up the pace. We love Ivan, Ben, Zac C and dark horse Noah right now. But to be to be able to list five guys that easily to seems wild. It’s unfair of me to say that, because it really is basically Tayshia’s second week with the guys. We shouldn’t be fatigued by this at this point, but we kind of are because of fucking Claire. I look forward to watching Tayshia really think about herself, and finally picking who she wants to pick – she can get over this need to be polite to all these men because she’s worried that they don’t feel like they’re wanted, or whatever.

WE’LL ALL SEE TONIGHT!!!! Watch last week’s episode and Cutting Stems to catch up!!

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