Merriam-Webster AKA Captain Obvious Names “Pandemic” As Word Of The Year

No shit Merriam. Jesus Christ what an annoying announcement.

I know ThE PaNdEmiC is bad and we’re all doomed and apathy is the enemy and blah blah BLAH but HOLY SHIT I am bored. I am bored of this conversation, I am bored of this life, I am BORED of the Pandemic. We’ve all talked about it so much that it’s the MOST USED WORD OF THE YEAR! We have talked about this more than ANYTHING ELSE. We all eat food multiple times a day, and somehow we talk about The Pandemic more than Food. Tv shows, movies, music…Pandemic is used more. It’s like we forgot that we are still LIVING and this is something we have to live alongside for now. Here are some words from the past:






“They,” “Justice,” Feminism,” “Surreal,” “-ism.” The last one is weak, but the other words basically fall into that “beaten into the ground” category. Somehow, they still don’t bother me as much as Pandemic.

Justice for MEGAN THEE STALLION, the real bitch that deserves this title.

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