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The New Christmas Tree In Rockefeller Center Better Get Its Shit Together FAST

At some point over the weekend, a 75-foot tall, 11-ton Norway spruce was dragged into Rockefeller Center as 2020’s Christmas Tree. The lighting will be done on December 2nd, yadda yadda, as it usually is. I’m also hearing that the tree, all the way from Oneonta, New York, had its own police escort. Happy to […]

Here Is A List Of Men Olivia Wilde Can Date Now That She And Jason Sudeikis Have Broken Up

PSYCH! You fucking animals. There isn’t anyone else. Okay, yes, there’s literally everyone in the world because who wouldn’t date Olivia Wilde, but what the fuck??? I thought these two would be in it for the long haul. 10 years, a couple kids…what’s interesting to me is that this “breakup” is actually calling off an […]

Corey Gamble Can Do The Splits, And Wins Dance Battle Against Tristan Thompson

Let me first ask the question everyone is asking – are Khloe and Tristan back together or what??? We CANCELLED Jordyn Woods, legitimately buried her dead body into the ground almost two years ago for being all up on Tristan. It seems somehow Tristan has dug his way out of the other shallow grave we […]

This Guy Came Out To His Fraternity Brothers, Then Rated Their Responses

Shoutout to Beta Theta Pi at the University of Arkansas! Nothing like chillin with your very accepting bros on a Friday. Our new gay bestie Nick decided to come out to his fraternity brothers, filmed their responses and added his own personal rating to how they reacted. Let’s break it down: Anthony – “Idc who […]

This Guy Sensually Caulking A Bathroom With His Bare Hands Is Freaking Me Out

On today’s episode of “Tiktok Is The Funniest Place On The Internet,” we have this man? child? sensually caulking walls to “Me & U” by Cassie. I fucking love these videos. The weirder people are, the harder I laugh. I feel like this has to be a kid, because anyone old enough to make a […]

The Weeknd Is Headlining The Super Bowl This Year – Will Anyone Watch The Game After Having So Much Sex At Halftime?

The Super Bowl is about to be a ***vibe*** with The Weeknd as the headliner. Our guy Abel puts asses in the seats – you like drugs? You like partying? You like a crazy light show? He’s going to single handedly bring us all the molly-infused rave show we’ve been craving for 2020. I’m concerned […]

Don’t Worry About Ruining Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Just Get Insurance On It

Whole Foods coming through this year on all “kitchen disasters” for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, Whole Foods—here to save your coronavirus-ridden 2020—is helping out this year. Together with Progressive, it’s offering “turkey insurance,” or a $35 Whole Foods gift card, to customers who “commit a turkey cooking fail.” “As we anticipate more smaller Thanksgiving gatherings and first-time cooks tackling […]