Karl Lagerfeld, Undisputed Fashion Icon, Dies at 85

**I will most likely update this throughout the day for those who want to keep tabs on this story. It will probably be the biggest news in fashion for the foreseeable future. 

Karl Lagerfeld, primarily the artistic director of Chanel while simultaneously holding top tier positions within Fendi and Chloe as well as his own brand, passed away in Paris on Tuesday. For those who aren’t as well versed in the fashion industry, this is as big of a death as it gets. While Karl was 85, I never once actually pictured him passing away. He’s been the figurehead behind so many of the most important fashion houses in the industry, serving as an inspiration to so many people. He was incredibly sharp, unapologetically honest and truly hysterical. His cause of death is currently unreported, however he has been sick for a few weeks time.

To put this in perspective; think of the most popular actor or actress you can think of. The best sports player of all time, in whatever sport you want to think about. Someone who’s been the name you’ve heard your entire life, universally respected and practically untouchable. That’s what Karl is to the fashion world. As NYFW comes to a close, everyone on earth is headed over to Europe right now for the duration of Fashion Month, knowing that THE show of the season will be Chanel in Paris. No news on what will happen to the show as of now, but I imagine it’s going to either be cancelled, or become one of the most talked about events in the history of fashion. The amount of security at Karl’s funeral will be outrageous. What a shame; Karl will be truly missed and mourned tremendously.

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