Daniel Radcliffe Is Obsessed With #TheBachelor And Thinks You’re A Punk Ass Bitch If You Aren’t

Daniel Radcliffe loves @BachelorABC?!?#TheBachelor#BachelorNationhttps://t.co/LUKfafEEKb pic.twitter.com/c3Yy6RMXjg — Good Morning America (@GMA) February 1, 2019   First things first. Why am I reading this a full 24 hours after the fact, for the first time? Why didn’t anyone send this to me? I know I’ve gotten really bad at responding to texts but not even a TWEET? […]

My Dad Seems To Think I Have A Chance With Jeff Bezos, “If I’m Interested”

Had to pop in here real quick because I’m laughing so hard. I received this text from my dad this morning, and I wasn’t able to check the internet to see what he was talking about until just now: A few things. I’m so distracted by my own life that includes 100% work and nothing […]