To My Surprise, I’m Not The Only One Who Wants Cersei To Murder Everyone On #GameOfThrones Tonight

Big time Cersei stan checkin in here with some Game of Thrones thoughts. I don’t know NEARLY enough about the fine details of the show to have any real input on it whatsoever, even after rewatching the entire series along with the rest of the world. And yet, here we are. All I know is that I’ve always loved a good villain, and a wine-drinking powerful woman out for revenge 24/7 is exactly the brand of Bad Bitch I want to get behind.

I’m the kind of person who spends days, weeks, months trying to make things better for people/care about others/think of the feelings of others endlessly and blah blah. Every once in a while I’m like “what if I just said fuck it and blew it all up? Who fucking cares.” Cersei does exactly this. She has the power and the mindset to not give a FUCK about anyone but herself.

Image result for cersei gif blow up

Image result for cersei gif blow up

It’s amazing. She’s had bad break after bad break. Husband dead, all of her kids dead, boyfriend favorite brother taken from her, betrayed by her other brother, disgraced as queen walking naked in the streets with literal shit being thrown on her by her “subjects,” replaced by someone younger, hotter and more popular, the works. She been through the fucking gauntlet and everyone knows it. Can you blame her for wanting to watch the world burn, literally and figuratively?

While I want to watch the rest of the stories in Westeros play out, I think I want Cersei to just put the kibosh on everyone. Fuck Dany. Fuck Jon Snow. Fuck Sansa. Fuck The Night King. She doesn’t care what they’re doing “For the greater good.” She doesn’t give a fuck about the people of King’s Landing, or the rest of the world. She cares about Numero Uno. She wants people to fear her, serve her, and make sure she never sees the bottom of a glass of wine until her dying day. To my surprise, people agree:


That last one doesn’t really apply but only two people actually agreed with me and so I had to write the obligatory blog about it. Everyone knows if at least two people agree with your idea, your idea is right. I’m sure there are reddit theories and shit but that’s a lot of research I’m not willing to put into this blog rn.


Image result for cersei gif



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